School meals

Tartu International School is catered by Baltic Restaurants Estonia AS ( A prepared meal is brought to the school in thermo boxes, checked and distributed by the school´s dinner lady. Our menu is a result of cooperation between the dietitians, kitchen that prepares our food, students, parents and teachers, and meets requirements for catering at school. All meals are freshly prepared, we do not serve semi-processed food and do not use flavour enhancers, preservatives or colourings.

The cost of school lunch is 2,5 EUR per student, per day. 1,0 EUR of this is covered by the Estonian state and Tartu city; and 1,5 EUR by a parent.

Note: Milk and bread are provided on a daily basis. Every day gluten-free, pork-free and vegetarian version of the regular menu.

MENU 16 – 20  April


  • Pasta with minced meat sauce
  • Beet salad
  • Apple


  • Lentil soup
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Cherry and yogurt jelly


  • Oven baked chicken with couscous and sauce
  • Chinese cabbage salad with dill
  • Pear


  • Cutlet with mashed potatoes and sauce
  • Green peas
  • Fresh carrot slices


  • Pilaf with beef
  • Fresh paprika
  • Melon and apple




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