Tuition and Fees

Tartu International School is run by a non-profit organization. The sources of school funding include an allocation from the Estonian government, allocation from the local municipality, and the school fees. Government and municipality allocations do not cover actual cost of a student place at Tartu International School, therefore the school fees . The school´s funding plan allows exceptionally personalised high-standard education.

  • Teaching in small classes (up to 12 students)
  • An expanded curriculum (additional lessons, IB programmes)
  • Learning in level groups (e.g. languages)
  • Friendly and inclusive atmosphere of a small school (teacher-student ratio 1:5)
  • Differentiated learning and individual support
  • Professionally recognized international staff
  • Modern learning environment in an attractive location
  • Physically and mentally supportive environment, early intervention
  • Counseling for students and families
  • Special needs support
  • School trips, excursions
  • Wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • Support to mother tongue learning
  • Transition support
  • Community events
  • Outstanding graduation examination scores

The school fees are determined by the non-profit organization at least six months before the start of an academic year, and are based on the prospective cost of education at TIS for coming academic year.  There are two tuition fee plans – Corporate and Reduced. The tuition fee plans are designed to support a diversely rich cultural and social school environment.

School Fees 2018/2019

Corporate Tuition Fees are payable by parents or their corporate sponsors receiving financial support for school fees. The Corporate Fee allows the school to facilitate the mobility of international, corporate families who remain at the school for indeterminate amounts of time and who may need to transfer during the school year. The Corporate Tuition Fee guarantees that there´s a student place available for the families of our corporate partners, also in the middle of an academic year.

  • Enrollment Fee Grade 1- 9                                        € 800        One-time, non-refundable
  • Annual Corporate Tuition Fee Grade 1-3               € 9 270     
  • Annual Corporate Tuition Fee Grade 4-9               € 9 710     

Download the Corporate Fees details and policies here: TIS Corporate fees 2018-2019.

Reduced Tuition Fees  available to families who do not receive financial support for school fees and who are formally registered as citizens of the local municipality (Tartu city or other).

  • Reduced Tuition Fee Grade 1-3          € 5 198   Annual fee  /  € 434  Monthly fee in 12 installments   
  • Reduced Tuition Fee Grade 4-9         € 5 445   Annual fee  /  € 454  Monthly fee in 12 installments  

Download the Reduced Fees details and policies here: TIS Reduced fees 2018-2019

A special discounted rate is available for employees of TIS  and equates to 10% of the reduced tuition fee. In cases of extenuating circumstances, please contact the school to discuss your situation.

Extended activities

Extended activities support the school curriculum. These include music, sports, improving technology skills. These activities are available for an additional fee. Please check the School Fees details and policies in the downloadable documents above.

Payment Options

The full terms and conditions of payment are stated in the enrolment contract. When submitting a contract, the parents choose one of the following payment options, where dates are applicable to the year of enrolment.

  • One full payment: payable by 1 September
  • Two payments: 50% due 20 August; balance due 1 February
  • Ten monthly instalments: 10% of tuition and fees due monthly from September through June
  • Twelve monthly instalments from September through August

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