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NGO and Management Board 

Tartu International School is owned by Non-governmental Organization Tartu International School (Mittetulundusühing Tartu International School). This is a voluntary non-profit association whose member body consists of parents, staff members, and other individuals who share the philosophy and objectives of the association, and who are responsible for the ultimate administrative and financial state of the association. Any individual and organization can become a member of the NGO. To become a member, contact our Management Board at The Annual General Meeting of the NGO elects the Management Board for the association.

The Management Board directs the association and it is responsible for development of the projects of the association. The Management Board employs the executive leaders for the school and kindergarten, determines school fees, and verifies the budgets for the school and kindergarten. The Management Board reports and provides proposals for the Annual General Meeting of the NGO. The Management Board convenes when necessary but a minimum of once every two months. The members of the NGO Tartu International School Management Board are Eve Mägi, Maria Paaver, Elo-Kai Kurel, Triin Tein, Kristi Aria. The Management Board of the NGOTartu International School can be contacted at The document that regulates the work of the association can be found here.


The school is directed by the principal. The principal is responsible for the organization and effectiveness of education, other activities carried out in the school, the overall condition and development of the school, and the lawfulness and purposeful use of funds. The principal concludes employment contracts with teachers and other employees of the school and leads the work of the School Board and the Teachers’ Council. The principal of Tartu International School as of 1 July 2022 is Mrs. Maria Paaver ( 

School Board

The School Board is a body whose function is to ensure the joint activities of the students, teachers, owners, parents of students, graduates and organizations supporting the school in guiding, planning and observing teaching and education, and creation of better opportunities for teaching and education. The School Board is formed by the owners of the school. The School Board has seven members: the principal, one representative of the school teachers (elected by the Teachers’ Council), one representative of the kindergarten teachers (elected by the Teachers’ Council), one representative of the school parents (elected at the Parents’ General Meeting), one representative of the kindergarten parents (elected at the Parents’ General Meeting), two representatives of the owners (appointed by the Management Board of NGO Tartu International School). The duties of the elected and appointed members last for two years.

The members of the school board:

  • Maria Paaver – principal, and Chairwoman of the School Board;
  • Kadi Rätsepp – representative of the school teachers;
  • Triin Tein representative of the owners (NGO Tartu International School);
  • Representative of the kindergarten teachers (to be elected in autumn 2022);
  • Mathias Bogen – Representative of the school parents (Heidi Iivari – Substitute Representative of the school parents);
  • Representative of the kindergarten parents (to be elected in autumn 2022);
  • Representative of the owners (to be appointed in autumn 2022).