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Good to know

  • The language of instruction is English.
  • The child doesn’t have to speak English in order to join our school.
  • The school day home time depends on which grade a student is in.
  • The timetable for a specific grade level can be obtained from the class teacher.
  • We wear indoor footwear in our school.
  • PE lessons can take place inside or outside; appropriate sports gear is needed.
  • There are two outdoor breaks per day for everybody. Wear weather-appropriate clothes.
  • Using personal digital devices on the school premises and grounds is not allowed. A Bring Your Own Device policy is followed in the lessons (teachers may give permission to use a personal digital device for learning purposes).
  • We want to keep our school yard safe; therefore, parking in the yard is not allowed without the school’s permission.
  • The school offers a warm school lunch.
  • We wear clothes that are appropriate for the school environment.
  • The parents’ first point of contact is the class teacher.
  • Parents can find homework assignments and lesson content on our online study system (e-diary).