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Good to know

Bringing and picking up your child

  • Kindergarten opens at 8:00 and closes at 17:30.
  • Please bring your child to the kindergarten by 9:30. We begin the day with the morning circle and activities at this time.
  • If you cannot come by 9:30, then please come after 10:00, when the first activity has ended.
  • If you will be late, please let us know by phone at +372 5552 6444.
  • Please come to pick up your child by 17:15 the latest. This allows enough time to speak to the teacher if needed.
  • Children can be picked up at any time of day, but please let the teachers know in advance.

Clothing and things your child needs

  • Children spend at least two hours outside in the autumn and spring, and at least one hour in the winter. Please ensure they are dressed accordingly.
  • The daily outdoor playtime is cancelled or shortened to 20 minutes in the event that the chill factor is lower than -20 °C or the air temperature is lower than -15 °C.
  • For wintertime, we suggest water resistant and windproof outerwear. It is best to dress in layers.
  • For autumn and spring, we suggest waterproof clothes that can get muddy. If possible, waterproof trousers, jacket and boots.
  • There should be an extra set of clothes at the kindergarten at all times: underwear, socks, a shirt and trousers.
  • If your child brings a snack, it would be the best to put it in a small bag (e.g. backpack) and label it with your child’s name.
  • Please put labels with your child’s name on all the things you bring to kindergarten (e.g. clothes and toys).
  • Please bring a bedsheet, blanket and pillow for naptime.
  • We wear indoor footwear in the kindergarten. They should be non-marking and easy for the child to put on.

Contacting the kindergarten

  • If you are planning a holiday and your child will be absent, please let the group teacher know three days in advance.
  • In case of urgent or unexpected matters (e.g. illness), please contact the kindergarten via ​​ or +372 5552 6444.
  • For good cooperation, please read our ​Internal Rules.