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E-learning is a form of guided learning which takes place through electronic technologies and media. E-learning days are planned in the school’s academic calendar. The school may be transferred to e-learning mode for a longer period in special situations by the decision of the school’s management team or the Estonian government (e.g. school closures due to the pandemic). 

Tartu International School provides quality e-learning with laptops provided by the school for both our students and teachers. Our teachers are digitally competent and skilled using a variety of e-learning tools and platforms. TIS offers a digital literacy programme for students where digital skills are acquired using an interdisciplinary approach. The students learn digital competencies through practical assignments. E-learning is supported by a qualified educational technologist and excellent cooperation between the teachers, students, families and the leadership team.

Our e-learning involves a variety of web-based learning materials, learning platforms and digital communication tools. The school’s web application for organizing learning and teaching information between home and school is called Stuudium.

Tartu International School offers a form of e-learning – the Distance Learning Programme – to its students during the physical closure of the schoolhouse due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Distance Learning Programme, the majority of learning and teaching for grades 4 to 9 takes place in real-time according to a specially designed timetable using digital communication (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet). Grades 1 to 3 follow a daily schedule which is a combination of individual tasks and weekly online meetings with their teacher. The principles of the programme can be found here.