The objective of TIS curriculum is to support each student´s individual development, through taking into consideration their individual needs, ethnicity, cultural background, and plans for the student’s further education.

The curriculum of Tartu International School (TIS) is based on the Estonian national curriculum for the basic schools and the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB).

The ideas and requirements of the community groups, such as the owners of the school, students and staff, the parents and stakeholders, have been taken into consideration when composing the TIS curriculum.

Grades 1–6 follow IB Primary Years Programme, which a transdisciplinary and inquiry-based approach to learning. There are six transdisciplinary themes of global significance that guide students to become caring, active participants of lifelong journey of learning. The units of inquiry are delivered by class teachers and subject specialists.

Grades 7–9 follow Estonian national curriculum that has been adapted to the needs of an international student body. The subjects are delivered by specialists of a specific field. The curriculum, methodology, learning environment and use of ICT provide students with a balanced learning experience which allows them to make connections between studies and real world, and continue studies in the next level of education.

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