Basic school graduation exams

Academic year 2016/2017 grade 9 graduates with their class teacher

Tartu International School offers basic education, which is the mandatory minimum of general education requirement and is acquired in grades 1 to 9 (age 6 to 15). In order to receive a graduation certificate from TIS, the students will need to meet the following requirements: have passed the national curriculum to at least satisfactory level; have carried out a creative project in the third stage of study; have passed three final exams (Estonian as a foreign language, Mathematics and one exam in the subject of the student´s choice). The students must decide in which subject they would like to take the third exam by 1st of February, and a written application needs to be submitted to the principal of the school.

Final examination papers are prepared by the Estonian National Examination and Qualification Centre. The examinations are identical for all schools in Estonia and held simultaneously. Examinations take place in the first half of June, and are organized and examination work assessed by final examination committees at the schools. The examination centre analyzes quality of the scoring and provides feedback to the randomly selected schools.

Children with special educational needs who have attended special coping classes and have completed their individual study programmes are issued basic school leaving certificates based on the decision of the teachers’ council.

The students receive their graduation certificates after the last exam at a formal ceremony.

Grade 9 final examinations in 2018

  • Estonian as a foreign language (written) – 1st of June 2018
  • Estonian as a foreign language (oral) – 1st, 4th or 5th June 2018
  • Mathematics – 8th of June 2018
  • Elective exam – 13th or 14th of June 2018 (depends on which exam a student chooses)

TIS Students´ Final Examination Results in 2017

We had three school graduates in 2017. The national exams were passed with the following results:


TIS average 86,7 % (Estonia – 73,6%; Tartu – 83%)

Estonian as a foreign language

TIS average 90% (Estonia – 66,6%; Tartu – 82,8%)

English as a foreign language

TIS average 94% (Estonia 88,6%; Tartu 90,2%)

Grade 9 graduation ceremony in 2017


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