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Annual events

Opening Ceremony

Each year we start the academic year with an opening ceremony for the school and kindergarten. All families are invited to join us on this special day to welcome all the students, listen to children singing and meet the staff. 

International Evening

The International Evening is usually held at the beginning of October. It’s a chance for the entire community – teachers, students and parents – to come together, share our backgrounds and get to know each other. All the nationalities represented in our school and kindergarten get their own table, where they can present their national symbols, traditions and food.

Sports Day

Sports Day is held twice a year: in autumn and in spring. It’s a day full of running, jumping, exercising and games. The entire school and kindergarten spend most of the day doing sports together. If the weather allows, the event takes place outdoors.

Costume Day

Our Costume Day takes place at the end of October. Everyone at the school and kindergarten dresses up for the day. Animals, vampires, policemen, superheroes, vegetables and even popcorn machines – we have seen them all. Our community’s imagination is endless! Traditionally there are prizes for the scariest, funniest and most creative costumes .

Lucia Day Concert, Market and Cafe

This Nordic tradition brings light to our community during the darkest time of the year. It’s held on the school day closest to 13th December. There is a traditional concert followed by a market and cafe. All members of the TIS community are invited to contribute by baking and bringing hand-made items for the market. The money collected is donated to a local charity.

Passion Project Day

Once a year, all the students can focus on their favourite topic for the entire day. The teachers map students’ interests and then divide them into groups. The groups work on a project, and at the end of the day they present it to their schoolmates and teachers. The entire learning process is student-led.

Summer Trip

Before the summer holiday starts, all grades take a small trip with their classmates and class teacher to get to know different places in Estonia.

Closing Ceremony and Community Picnic

Each school year ends with a closing ceremony, where report cards are given to the students. There are performances by the students and our community awards for the Teacher and Student of the Year are handed to the laureates. The formal part is followed by a community picnic at the school yard.