Philosophy and Objectives

Educational and teaching objectives of Tartu International School

The objective of TIS is to offer basic school level education in English as a language of instruction in an international and multicultural learning environment.

The Educational and teaching objective of TIS is to help to develop an individual who is motivated to learn and knows how to learn; is aware of his/her interests, skills and abilities; is happy and adaptable; Earth- conscious and values a healthy lifestyle. A TIS graduate is self-aware and dignified, co-operative and self-reliant; is aware of his/her responsibilities as a world citizen, and and has a tolerant and open attitude towards the diversities of the world.

To develop its students TIS:

  • values daily co-operation with students of diverse cultural backgrounds (gender, age, language, nationality, social background, academic abilities and skills;
  • practices educational principles and a school culture that helps to raise a person who is socially and environmentally aware and able to think critically;
  • promotes a healthy lifestyle and Earth-friendly living;
  • creates a safe, innovative and creative learning environment;
  • uses the possibilities that the community offers to educate and develop its students and teachers;
  • is open towards social environment around us;
  • includes the school community and their talents in school development;
  • practices the methodology for compound classes and differentiated learning;
  • uses methodology that supports students who have little or no English skills;
  • integrates in teaching lots of creative activities, which help the children who don´t know the language of instruction express themselves;
  • integrates different subjects in order to promote students´ social, linguistic and learning skills;
  • practices effective and transparent decision-making.

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