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Monthly activities

How we express ourselves
Who we are
How we organize ourselves
How the world works
Ages 1½ and 2
• Songs and art about winter (snowman, winter clothes, snowball)
• Let’s read a book
• Finger games
• How to be polite
• Our home country, flags, seasons
• My family
• What do we like to do together as a family
• Hygiene: washing our hands and brushing our teeth
• Chores: cleaning and cooking together
• Getting ready to go outside
• The birds are coming back
• Noticing spring
• My interests: kinds of toys and games
• It’s almost summer – let’s go outside to explore
Ages 3 and 4
We express ourselves through stories and play.
• Winter
• Fairy tales
• Pets
I learn about myself every day.
• My friends
• My emotions
• My language
• My home
• My family
People play different roles in our communities.
• Means of transport
• Farm animals
• The food chain
• City and countryside
• Professions
• Traffic
Seasons influence the actions of people and nature.
• Spring
• Bugs
Ages 5 and 6
Stories can be used to engage an audience and communicate meaning.
• Different types of stories
• Creating stories
• Story characters
• Emotions
In an organized community, every member has a role to play.
• Professions and their importance
• The city as a community
• Children in different communities
Plants sustain life on earth and play a role in our lives.
• Plants
• Photosynthesis
• Fruits
• Caring for plants
Each one of us is unique.
• Differences and similarities
• Physical, psychological, and emotional characteristics
• Different interests
• Senses