Extra-curricular activities

Tartu International School offers a range of extra-curricular activities in the school house. Registration for clubs takes place in September. 

In the academic year 2017/2018 students can take part in following clubs and activities:

Free-time club (after-school activities programme) for grades 1–3

On Mondays 12:30–17:00, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 13:15–17:00, Thursdays 14:10–17:00 and Fridays 14:10–16:00. Afternoon care with a specific schedule and activities. Find the free-time club programme from here: After school activities, and the programme admission form here: Afternoon care admission application.doc

Computer club for grades 4–9

On Mondays at 15:30. An interactive and hands-on club to learn computer science and programming.

Computer club for grades 1–3

On Thursdays at 15:15. A fun club for first steps in programming and robotics using Lego robotics sets.

School band for grades 1–4

Grades 1-4 on Mondays at 14: 30, grades 4-9 on Thursdays at 16:00.

A great opportunity for students who like to sing or play an instrument, or would like to start it. School bands performs at various school events.

Swimming club for grades 1–3 and 4–10 (September–October, January–May)

Swimming takes place in the public swimming centre Aura. Transportation to the swimming centre is organised by school. Students can swim and enjoy water under teachers´ supervision.

Chess club for grades 4–9 (November–December)

On Wednesdays at 15:15. Come and crack your brain together with your school mates and teacher Andreas!

Fitness exercises for grades 1–3 and 4–9 (November–December)

On Wednesdays at 14:30 and 15:15. A great opportunity to build strength and fitness in a small group instructed by our physical education teacher.

Yoga club for grades 1–3 (November–December)

On Wednesdays at 14:30. A fun and relaxing activity for our young learners.

Arts & crafts club for grades 4–6

On Mondays at 15:15 -16:30. 

Community yoga club

Every Monday at 16:00. Relaxing yoga exercises in the hall for grown-ups only. Supervised by Heidi.

Judo club for grades 1-3 and 4-9

On Tuesdays and Fridays at 14:30–15:30 for grades 1-3 and on Tuesdays at 15:10–17:10 for grades 4-9. The instructor of this club is the triple Estonian champion in Judo, and the Estonian champion of mixed martial arts, sensei Jaan Angerjärv. Fee of 30 euros is paid directly to the sports club Tartu Do. Please contact Jaan for further information (jaanangerjarv89@gmail.com).

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