Applying to TIS

Thank you for your interest in Tartu International School! We admit students of any nationality and mother tongue. Knowledge of English language is not required. English and Estonian can be learned as a second language or as a mother tongue. There are no exams or tests to enter TIS.


We admit students from age 1,5 to 15. Children (local or international) who are between six and seven years old by September the 1st are admitted to Grade 1. The formal admission period lasts from the 1st of January until the 1st of April. However, in case there are free places available, we admit students to Grades 1 to 9, Nursery and Pre-school throughout an academic year. 

For admission the following documents are needed:

  • The Online Registration Form to TIS, available here
  • A written application to the Principal. 
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  • Child´s report card, in English, from the previous school or childcare institution.

All documents (except the Online Registration Form) should be sent to

How to apply step by step

To start or change school is a big step, especially internationally. We therefore aim at supporting your family throughout this process. Please find step-by-step information on a typical admission process below.

Step 1: Inquiry. We´ll be there to answer any questions you may have about the school. Families who are located in Estonia already are welcome to visit us after making the first inquiry.

Step 2: Submission of admission documents. The list of documents that are needed for admission are listed above on this page. All admission documents can be sent electronically.

Step 3: Meeting with the family. We look forward to meeting our new families before an academic year starts. Visits can be arranged either before of after submittal of documents.

Step 4: Administrative side. A schooling contract between the school and family will be signed before the start of an academic year. The contract and the school fee invoice will be sent to the parents electronically.

Step 5: New beginnings at TIS. Welcome to TIS community! Within the first month we pay lots of attention to student adjustment. The initial grade placement is based on a student´s birthday. The school applies a four-week observation period after admitting a student. During this period the teachers, school counselor and parents observe in close collaboration how the student is doing academically and socially. The grade placement can be adjusted by the Teachers´ Council in the best interest of a student.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions!


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