Winter Concert and Winter Holiday

Dear all,

we would all like to thank you for your amazing contribution at the Lucia Concert and the charity market that followed. We know that many of you spent their nights for preparing for the market! Thank you!

But before we leave for our well deserved holiday, we have still one more event, one of the most important concerts of our academic year – the Winter Concert. This years concert will take place at J.Tõnissoni 1 and it starts at 16.00. All the details about that last day of school has been forwarded to you. In case you have still questions about that, please turn to your child’s class teacher. Our Winter Concert has always been a lovely bright and cheerful finale to our second semester. But it is also the moment to look back at what has been achieved so far, thank people who have helped you to get to that place and of course, this is the place to set goals for the upcoming semester.

We wish you all the best for the holiday season and with a little help from Grinch who realized “Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t from a store. Maybe Christmas….perhaps…means a little bit more!” we wish all our beloved friends near and far a ton of that special “little bit more”!


Tartu International School

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