Creative projects, field trips and other upcoming events

As the school year is nearing its end and we have only 5 weeks left of this academic year, we are still keeping ourselves busy with our very diverse events’ calendar. Among other smaller events we have 4 major ones coming up:

  • Culture trip for grades 5-9 to Tallinn, where we spend the entire day in KUMU  ( – wondering among exhibitions and taking an actual arts lesson based on one of our most famous graphic artist Eduard Wiiralt. The second half of our trip belongs to The Parliament (, the old town and Sciences ( ) . In case of further questions, please turn to Kadi Rätsepp, our teacher of Sciences.


  • Presentation of Creative Projects. The conference is held on the 12th of May at 9.00. Our 7th grade student Sophia discusses her family history through her grandmother’s eyes. Jim, our 8th grader, has composed an app and will tell you all about it. And our 9th grade student Arne Emil Kerttunen investigated the influence of video games in different genre upon the emotions of students. In case you are interested in hearing a bit more – you’re more than welcome to join the audience on the 12th of May at 9.00 in room L.


  • Our younger students are also going on a trip. This year the grades 1-4 will visit Lottemaa on the 1st and 2nd of June ( In case of further questions please turn to Maarika Kullamaa, our teacher of grade 1.


  • The graduation ceremony will take place on the 5th of June and it is held at the Loodusmaja ( We will inform you about all the details concerning the ceremony.


Stay updated!

TIS staff

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