That’s it for this year’s Earth Week

Our Earth Week is over for this year and we wrapped it up with an amusing play “A pollinators’ year in a city” by the 4th graders (see the pictures below). We hope that you enjoyed the pet day, field trips, lecture, find a home project and many smaller activities. But most of all we hope that you learned many new things, you found something to think about and of course had as much fun as we did! Thank you everyone for participating, thank you, teachers, for giving us your valuable lesson time. Stay Earth friendly and active!

Kadi (Sciences) and Hasso (Physical Education)


Vendela and Ilanit as a butterfly and a bee. David acting out as a flower.


The cast – Remas, lihi, Vendela, David (behind Vendela), Ilanit and Hjalte.


Winter scene.


Summer scene.


Spring in a city.


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