Reflector schooling for everybody

On 4th December the whole school will have a reflector usage training. It will be organised by a professional traffic school. This has to be done when it´s dark, so we will be taken to Raadi (open area in the outskirts of Tartu where driving lessons take place) by bus, and are demonstrated several reflector and safety-related situations.

The bus leaves from school at 16, it will take about 1 hour in Raadi, so most probably we´ll be back at school at about 17:30. The parents should pick the children up from school.

Parents are welcome to join. Kristi will send out an information e-mail.

This training will be followed by presentations to older and younger students, but this will happen during school hours. For grades 1-3 8 December at 9:00-10:45 and 9 December at 9:00 – 10:45 (presentation+practical situations outdoors); for grades 4-9 on 15 December at 9:00 – 10:45.


Stay safe!


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