School holiday

The school is closed from the 18th of June til 15th of August, but you can contact us via email and we will respond as soon as possible.

You are all welcome to visit us on our Orientation days that last for 3 days – August 29, 30 and 31.

TIS starts on September 1 with an opening ceremony. The location and the exact time is announced in August.

Finnish school will start on August 15. TIS staff will return on the same day.

The holidays for next academic year are as follows:

Autumn Holiday: 22.10.2011 – 30.10.2011

Christmas Holiday: 17.12.2011 – 08.01.2012

Finnish school ski holiday: 22.02.2012 – 04.03.2012

TIS Spring holiday: 17.03.2012 – 25.03.2012

Easter break: 06.04.2012 – 09.04.2012

Last day of Tartu Finnish School: 02.06.2012

Last day of school for TIS: 08.06.2012


With best regards,

FinTIS family

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